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Dubai is a dreamed destination for most of the people in all across the world. They wish to live at their dream place and enjoy their life. Not only for living aspects but also according to several other views, Dubai is an ideal location such as for vacation times and especially for business. In Dubai, traders from all across the world come to establish their own business setups. The trading opportunities are quite proper and developed if you are planning to establish your business setup in Dubai. If you are going to start business, you will surely find a location, and after selecting place, you will move towards the furnishing of your office and working place. If you are worried about finding the best office furniture supplier in Dubai, then no need to worry, as you will find the names of top and leading companies and furniture supply dealers in this article.

Al Gurg office furniture supplier provides wide ranges of imported and local branded furniture for offices and other commercial places. The company deals in importing, exporting and manufacturing of stylish and high quality furniture for offices and homes. The company’s most highlighted point is the affordable pricing of office furniture. The company’s Dubai head office is located in Umm Hurier Road.

DFD (Dubai Furniture Direct) is another leading name among all the office furniture supplier companies of Dubai. Its factory is situated in Indonesia; after manufacturing furniture there, it is packed and shipped to the company’s warehouse located in Dubai. The name indicates that it directly deals with the office furniture and has no retailers, third party agents and vendors in UAE or any other country and region of the world. It not only provides supplying facility but also offers the installation, assembly and fixation facilities. Its head office is located in Rakia Free Zone, Street F8, Al Hamra, Ras Al Khaimah Dubai.

JPL office furniture supplier is popular name dealing and supplying high quality furniture locally and internationally. It specializes in offering wide range of furniture for hotels and restaurants. The company was established in 1985, and after passing the 26 years of outstanding services, the company is now recognized as the leading one in Dubai. The company has three main factories, which manufacture the high quality and stylish designed classis, traditional, modern and antique furniture for offices and commercial uses. JPL is significantly recognized for providing special designs and high quality tables & chairs for offices. It has more than 25000 designs of tables & chairs in all colors, designs and material. The company warehouse is located in Sharjah Wahdah Street, Sharjah Dubai.

Top Furniture Factory is another well-reputed name among leading office furniture supplier companies. The company was established in 1996, and after passing the 16 years of excellence, the company is getting popular in all across the UAE. The company’s main manufacturing is the wood and metal seating, sofas, stools, benches; office chairs seven tables, cabinets and other items for office use. The company’s warehouse is located n Ras Al Khor Industrial Area, Dubai UAE.